Extras Roles

Role Project Name Type Rate Union Posted/Modified
New recruit Phoenix Industrial $50 for max 2 hrs Non-Union 03/21/2017

Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 25 - 39 /

5 new recruits sit in the lobby of software company waiting to be seen. Looking for all ethnicities/genders with business professional attire.

Lucifer Girl in the Dream Short Film $35 Non-Union 03/20/2017

Male / African American, Caucasian, Hispanic / 19 - 36 /

Lucifer is a bartender, and he is good at making cocktail. When Morgan meets Teresa in the bar, he is helping for them.

Background Dear Father Short Film $40/day Non-Union 03/20/2017

Male / All Ethnicities / 16 - 50 /

Nothing special. Just background from the basketball scene.

Lottery Protester Lumen Short Film $25 Non-Union 03/17/2017

Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 18 - 80 /

"Death Lottery"'s protester, who want to fight against tyranny. He/ She is brave enough to stand up for all human's right to choose their fate. Outgoing. Intense. Tall and strong. March in front of city hall plaza. Each carry a sign with an INFINITY SYMBOL. PROTESTS say: F*ck the lottery! Stop this! Emotions run high within the protesters.

Lottery Employee Lumen Short Film $25 Non-Union 03/17/2017

Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 18 - 80 /

Lottery law employee. They believe lottery is a badge of honour. Fat and non-smiler. He is of the serious, taciturn type. Always wear suits. They simply act like robots, answer the phone.

Reed Blitzed Short Film 100 Non-Union 03/17/2017

Male / All Ethnicities / 18 - 24 /

Reed is an enigma, a mystery. It's hard to tell what he's all about, how old he is, how serious he is when he talks. He has a lot of strange habits. He might or might not be a serial killer, but he sure can be creepy, especially when he wants to be.

geologist (1 &2) Endless Short Film $16/hr Non-Union 03/16/2017

Female / All Ethnicities / 13 - 19 /

Two lab based geologists perform an ever-slowing aerobic routine with rocks (real and hollow,) in addition to ritual manipulations of geological and technological elements in an effort to slow the passing of time. This is primarily a movement based role with very little speaking or memorization required. Comfortability with doing simple task based movement is important even if your experience with dance, yoga or other somatic practices has been minimal so far. I'm looking for people who love moving - not trained dancers per say. For this role I am excited to work with female-identifying and non-binary folks. All ethnicities and body types are more than welcome.

Gang in the Alley 16090-Official Music Video Music Video 15/Day Non-Union 03/15/2017

Male / All Ethnicities / 20 - 30 /

The gang in the alley rap and dance along the beats and rhythm.

Bubble Maker! Bubblemania and Company Live Event $65/hr + No Union Affiliation 03/15/2017

Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 18 - 65 /

Performing Educational shows for Birthday Parties, School and Libraries DO YOU HAVE A RELIABLE SUV OR HATCHBACK, DO YOU HAVE A THEATRE BACKGROUND, and am comfortable handling the stage on your own for 35 minutes?? If so, BubbleMania and Company offers an educational, entertaining show on the science of bubbles for birthdays, schools, libraries and festivals for the past 20 years. We currently need "Bubblologists" in the San Francisco Bay area. To qualify you must be able to perform a 35 minute scripted show and hold the attention of anywhere from 10-200 children! We love our performers to have high energy, enthusiasm, be reliable, responsible, genuinely enjoy working with children and possess a reliable suv or hatchback to be able to carry the equipment. We need people to work both during the week and week-end. Though until the summer starts it would be mostly week-ends. We assign you to work the jobs that are scheduled in your area depending on your availability.

Girlfriend AR Baaybe - Tu Noche Music $75 Non-Union 03/15/2017

Female / All Ethnicities / 18 - 25 /

Girlfriend is on a date with artist. Getting ice cream from an ice cream truck, romantic dinner, in the movie theater. Then toward the end, a fight breaks out between the multiple girls the artist has been seeing with. Looking for the cute girl, petite, any ethnicity, any hair color. Average height. Silly, can be sexy.

Extra (Atmosphere) 16090-Official Music Video Music Video 15/Day Non-Union 03/15/2017

Male / All Ethnicities / 20 - 60 /

Extra (Atmosphere) in the Bar and Brothel House

Extra (Silent Bite) 16090-Official Music Video Music Video 15/Day Non-Union 03/15/2017

Female / All Ethnicities / 20 - 40 /

Extra (Atmosphere) in the Bar and Brothel House.

The Girl Ghosts of Highway 20 Short Film $50/night, IMDB credit, copy of film, food Non-Union 03/15/2017

Female / African American / 16 - 18 /

The GIRL is a woman who was born, lived & died as a slave in the South. She worked in the fields from the age she could walk. Her life was short and full of brutalizations. We don’t know much about her, but that she was killed violently around the time of the civil war, and that she has been trying to find her way home to her little boy ever since.

The Musician Ghosts of Highway 20 Short Film $50/night, IMDB credit, copy of film, food Non-Union 03/15/2017

Male / African American / 24 - 28 /

The Musician is a man at the height of his musical powers, and on the brink of self-destruction. He isn’t satisfied by anything less than perfection, and is killing himself in his quest, using every drug, magic, and horror to spur himself on further. In the end he will see perfection, and kill himself trying to reach it.

Spokesmodel Anhueser Busch Live Event $40- $45 hr No Union Affiliation 03/13/2017

Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 21 - 35 /

Male/Female- 21-35,all hts .A well-known beer brand is seeking an outgoing personality to be the face of the brand . Spokesmodel will partner with the local beer client to visit events and create a buzz. This is a tradeshow model position

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