Extras Roles

Role Project Name Type Rate Union Posted/Modified
Female Lead Female Lead Music Video Negotiable, Meals, Perks Non-Union 12/19/2014

Female / African American, Asian, Caucasian, East Indian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Ethnically Ambiguous, Pacific Islander / 21 - 41 /

Female will perform memorized song lyrics for video. Audio will not be used.

Airline Passengers Air New Zealand Commercial SAG-AFTRA 12/17/2014

Male or Female / All Ethnicities, AfricanAm, Am-Indian, Asian, Caucasian, East-Ind, Hispanic, MidEastern, Mixed, PacificIsland / 22 - 65 /

Local SAG members only that are up to date on their SAG dues. Pays SAG scale. Will shoot 1/8 or 1/9 tbd (must be avail both days as shoot day is tbd). Will portray airline passengers. Must be avail early morning to late evening. Will shoot in Bay Area. Must have your own transportation. Please note your SAG ID

Person Seeking a Long-Lost Love Do you have a Long-Lost Love? Reality TV $5,000 Non-Union 12/15/2014

Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 21 - 45 /

- Looking for a lost love? aka The one who got away? Maybe you met in College, while traveling, while working a job, through friends, but that special someone slipped through your fingertips or you let them go. If you are wondering where they are and want to find them, we want to hear from you!! - Know someone who is Looking for a Lost Love? There is a referral fee!! If you KNOW of someone who has a long lost love, if they are selected to participate on the show, you receive a $500 Referral Fee!! A documentary series is looking to reunite lost loves. If you would like to take an all-expenses paid journey to find a lost love or crush from your past, we want to hear from you! If your lost love is HARD TO FIND and you're chosen, we will FIND THEM and help you find the courage to RECONNECT ***MUST LEAVE A NOTE: WHO IS YOUR LOST LOVE?*** ***IF YOU ARE REFERRING SOMEONE, MUST LEAVE THEIR FIRST AND LAST NAME***

Body Double Things That Change Us Feature Film $30 Non-Union 12/12/2014

Male / Caucasian / 18 - 30 /

This is an easy gig! You'll get your name in the credits as a body double & get on-set experience too. Pay and craft service provided on-set. You'll simply be a body double for our male lead actor. You must be Caucasian, with medium-ish brown hair, and about 140-175 lbs.

The Doctor/The Nurse Toni Staniewicz Casting/I Almost Killed Myself Television TBD Non-Union 12/12/2014

Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 30 - 55 /

The Doctor is a serious role. If you have real medical experience please note. Very conservative and calming. My have to explain the seriousness of the injury to the patient lead actor after nearly killing themselves. May pretend to operate on patient so the use of hospital equipment is needed.

Police Officer/Paramedics Toni Staniewicz Casting/I Almost Killed Myself Television TBD Non-Union 12/12/2014

Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 25 - 45 /

Need to look like a clean cut cop and or paramedic type. Please note real experience. No tattoos or facial piercing or other trendy personal expressions. May need to run, arrest, and drive a police car and wear a uniform. Actors must feel comfortable speaking on camera. Lines given onset.

Hot Female friend Toni Staniewicz Casting/I Almost Killed Myself Television TBD Non-Union 12/12/2014

Female / Caucasian, Hispanic / 18 - 35 /

Hot friend that makes heads turn. You are always there to console the victim after almost killing themself. Slim to average and average height. Any hair. Must feel comfortable in camera as lines are often given out on set.

Nosie Neighbor/Tipster Toni Staniewicz Casting/I Almost Killed Myself Television TBD Non-Union 12/12/2014

Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 18 - 80 /

The Nosie Neighbor/Tipster is always poking their nose in everyone's business. They come in all shapes and sizes. Usually given lines on set as you witnessed a crime and feel the need to tell the police everything you saw in great detail. No shy types.

Real Mounted Rider (The Sheriff) Toni Staniewicz/Untitled Western Feature Film TBD Other 12/12/2014

Male / Caucasian / 18 - 60 /

Looking for real mounted riders that can shoot a gun while riding at a full gallop type actors. Think Django, Clint Eastwood movies set in the 1800's. No clean cut men here. Looking for True Grit and Tombstone riders. Unfortunately, if you don't already know how to ride this is probably not a role for you. Must be slim to average. Any height. Shaggy hair and bearded a plus. If you have your own horse note that aswell.

Culinary Cast Family Tree Recipe Reality TV 200 Non-Union 12/11/2014

Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 21 - 71 /

Culinary cast will share family recipes on camera. Love of cooking. Looking for dishes that your mom used to make. *PLEASE NOTE YOUR STORY AND INTEREST

Animal friend #1, #2, #3, #4 Magic Carousel Commercial $30/day Non-Union 12/11/2014

Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 20 - 35 /

Animal friends are party quests chosen by the Lead parent. They attend Lead child's birthday party.

Child #1, #2 Magic Carousel Commercial $25/day Non-Union 12/11/2014

Male or Female / Asian, Caucasian, East Indian, Hispanic, Ethnically Ambiguous / 6 - 8 /

Child #1 and child #2 are friends of the Lead child. They attend his birthday party in this scene. The shoot location will be in a park, on a green lawn. They will be participating in the party such as playing with the animal quests or eating favors. Time required on set will be between 3-4 hours. There are no lines or dialogue.

Mr. Verry BK_Recreations_USA Television TBD DOE Non-Union 12/9/2014

Male / Caucasian / 30 - 40 /

Mr. Verry is a man ready for a fresh start. A recent divorcee, he's a father of three living in a new town and transitioning into a new job. He is a handsome, French working man with a lean footballers build, he works hard but he also knows how to have fun. One summer evening he invites friends and family over for a casual barbecue, but he's bothered by an unexpected guest. Actually, a pest. Verry thinks he has things under control, but what happens next is life-changing.

Spokesperson Explore SF Internet $700 Non-Union 12/9/2014

Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 25 - 35 /

We need an experienced spokesperson who is comfortable talking to strangers on-camera to educe sound bites. You and our small crew will roam around SF and interact with the public to gather reactions and opinions about a local museum/campaign.

Mr. Iwaki BK_Recreations_USA Television TBD - depends on experience Non-Union 12/9/2014

Male / Asian, Pacific Islander / 55 - 75 /

Mr. Iwaki is a veteran outdoorsman tenured at a local mountain resort. He loves to share his love for the outdoors with schoolchildren who visit the resort every day. Despite this ideal profession, every now and then his job presents dangers and requires quick action. Although Mr. Iwaki is an older gentleman he is sprightly and able-bodied, enthusiastic and helpful. His job requires him to know advanced first-aid and stay cool under pressure. Must have greying hair. Lightly tanned skin--that of someone who works outdoors--is preferred.

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